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Fabulous wholesome beautiful, greatly entertaining vocal wizardry. A joy for the ears to behold!!” Johnny Dean, Nether Edge Cabaret

“The Fates are all brilliant singers capable of a wide range of expression and repertoire, so they must’ve been in constant demand.  But somehow they managed to lock themselves into Brian Bedford’s studio last November just to lay down for posterity [a] cornucopial treasure-trove selection of songs and vocal arrangements… Three of the tracks are inventive partial segues-cum-combis of a generally intriguing nature (firmly in the ‘and why not?’ category): Lowlands Away sports a questioning coda sourced from Woody Guthrie: the obscure American broadside A Hundred Fathoms is succeeded by a darkly hangover-ridden Drunken Sailor, and the fates of Barbara Allen and Tai Ticky Tai are magically intertwined in song.  Other songs to receive the enterprising Fates treatment include Babylon Is Fallen, Elsie Marley, the Kate Burke/Bruce Molsky version of The Wreck Of The Dandenong, George Butterworth’s lyrical setting of Is My Team Ploughing, and Gillian Welch’s Winter’s Come And Gone.  There’s a thoughtful take on Searching For Lambs, and later The Fates conspire to make a playfully feisty fist of Katy Cruel… The CD’s able studio production well conveys the essence of the stimulating energy and polish – and fun – of The Fates in harmony and counterpoint.  They can spin me a yarn any day, for when the music’s as enterprisingly arranged as this, hey, who needs instruments?”    Dave Kidman (CD review of ‘We Are Three’ Stirrings Magazing Dec 16 – Feb 17)

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